Between Two-Spirit

Author/Director Laurence Périgaud
Producer LaurencePerigaud
Country Switzerland
Length 77' & 52'
Year 2012

Chris feels neither man nor woman, but more like a “Two-Spirit”: in between both genders. Now turning sixty, this professor of management is taking the big plunge. One year in his/her life, from the operation in Thailand, through the apprenticeship of femininity back in Switzerland, to the coming out as a woman. A year in which Chris takes wing as a female to become Christa.
Laurence Périgaud gives a highly sensitive and humorous account of this year of transition and transformation – body and soul – of a human being in quest of freedom.

Originally I began this project as my final thesis at university. Over the next 3 years I developed the “visual writing” of Between Two- Spirit so that the documentary would touch a wide audience and generate reflections on gender, identity and emancipation.


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