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Hand me down

Author/Director Philippe Ayme
Producer Adalios
Country France
Length 50'
Year 2005

“My father always told me: 'Of the three sons, the one who works the land will take over the farm.' I liked this place and hoped to live here one day. But I never wanted the land, my desire to become a filmmaker was stronger. My second brother, Régis, is getting ready to take over the farming. Filming the handing down let me densely experience the relationship between father and son, and feel the slight spaces both separating and binding us.”
Right on the rural premises of the director’s childhood, in the Southern French department Drôme, the legal transmission of the family farm from his father to his brother is being prepared. Between the Farmhouse and the Residence, times mingle, the generations get confronted and together they get into questioning filiation and the transmission of a family heritage.


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