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As a Young Girl of Thirteen... Simone Lagrange remembers Auschwitz

Author/Director Elisabeth Coronel, Florence Gaillard, Arnaud de Mezamat
Producer Abacaris films
Country France
Length 88'
Year 2009

Deported at 13, Simone Lagrange is an Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor and one of the principal witnesses at the Klaus Barbie trial. The film is an opportunity for her to tell her story.

"I have not become what they wanted me to be." she often tells teen-agers that gather to listen to her account. The strength of her words reflect the thirteen-year-old she was, as do her characteristic revolt and tenacity.
By its very subjectivity, the innermost experience at the heart of each survivor's testimony, makes it unique and irreplaceable.

Extract/Trailer (French)

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